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Project: UK

Combined heat and power
Customer required maximum 500kWe CHP unit to run continuously providing power to sell to the NIE grid and heat to be used for the two digesters, pasteurizer and other parts of the site. We delivered two sets instead of one so that he could still produce power and heat even while one set was down for planned or unplanned maintenance.

Key Features
2 x 4008 TRS
Power PRP
1 MW
Power thermal
1,2 MW
50 Hz
380 V
Power factor
Purpose of application
Power supply for the national grid

More information

QVT stands for Quantum and Van Twist. Both company’s building and developing high quality industrial gas engines for decades. Both company’s decided to join forces in 2014. By joining the knowledge, new developments were started such as introducing a new gas engine control platform. With these new development as a basis we decided to introduce the QVT gas engine powered generator sets. The sets are built for and used in fields that have demanding requirements on power supply reliability, such as manufacturing, telecom, data centers and commercial sectors.



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